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About Us

The Origin of Fo Guang Shan Miami Temple


In 1994, as a direct response to the needs of the South Florida Buddhist community, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, sent one of the venerables from Fo Guang Shan headquarters to establish its Ft. Lauderdale Subchapter.


In 1998, the Subchapter rented a location in the City of Plantation, Florida, for Dharma Services and Study. The South Florida Buddhist community responded with rapid growth and dedication. In order to benefit all people with the teachings of Humanistic Buddhism, the current site of the Fo Guang Shan Miami Temple was purchased in Tamarac, Florida, in 2002. The temple was formally established in 2003.


Since then, Fo Guang Shan Miami Temple, nestled in the heart of South Florida, one of America’s most vibrant and fastest growing areas, has been serving its community for more than two decades.


Temple Facility

Fo Guang Shan Miami Temple has since developed into a fully functioning Buddhist temple facility which includes: a Main Shrine, dining hall, classrooms, a comprehensive library and an elegant gift shop. There is also a Chan Garden, which serves as a tranquil place for outdoor meditation and events. The temple has become the main South Florida Buddhist temple for practitioners from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Promoting Dharma and Study

In addition to the Chanting Dharma Service every Sunday, the temple observes and celebrates a wide range of Buddhist festivals and services. These services include: Filial Piety Memorial Dharma Service, Light Offering Inauguration/Completion Dharma Service, Buddha's Birthday Celebration Dharma Service, Amitabha Buddha Dharma Service, Medicine Buddha Dharma Service, Great Compassion Dharma Service, Pilgrimage Dharma Service and Thousand Buddhas Dharma Service.


Fo Guang Shan Miami Temple offers a variety of classes on Humanistic Buddhism, including Dharma Study Book Club, Buddhist lectures and Buddhist music classes. Social events are also an important part of the Temple. The regularly scheduled events include: Buddha’s Light Children’s Summer Camp, Youth Leadership Training Camp, Science and Technology Hang Out, One Day Meditation Retreat, Yoga, Everyday Life Lectures and more.

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